BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie Review 2018

BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie is a perfect double stroller for daily use and unusual adventures! It is designed for parents of twins or kids of small age difference, since it can accommodate an infant in a car seat and a toddler.

This stroller is easy to navigate and very maneuverable. It is made of high quality materials and fabrics and still quite light as for a double jogger!

With BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie you can forget about problems with fitting through normal doorways! Besides, this double jogging stroller is easy to use and has plenty storage for your babies’ gear and your stuff – as we all know when we go for a walk or run with two kids we need to pack half of the house. 🙂

BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie Review

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BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie

 Pros   Cons  
   Suspension system and large air-filled wheels that work on the toughest terrain and absorb shocks – to provide the most comfortable ride and prevent your babies from spine diseases  ×  Pretty big and heavy
   Lockable and pivoting front wheel allows you to adjust stroller agility and stability to the terrain  ×  Even when folded it takes a lot of space – may not fit in a small car trunk
   Parking brake, five-point harness and wrist strap keep passengers safety during your jogging session  ×  No accessories included
   Oversized and individually adjustable canopies
   Adjustable handlebar for all-height parents
   Comfy seats with individual deep recline
   Made of high-quality and durable materials
   Plenty storage (one large basket and six pockets!)

BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Review


Stroller type Double Jogging Stroller
Weight 33.1 lbs
Weight limit Combined capacity of 100 lbs
Folded dimensions  30.5” x 40” x 17.5”
Wheels size Rear: 16”, Front: 12.5”
Handlebar height 33.5 – 50.5”

Accessories for BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller

City Mini GT Double Stroller is quite an investment, but it doesn’t comes with any accessories for parents and babies convenience. There is a lot of extra gear that you can purchase separately.

BOB Handlebar Console BOB Handlebar Console for parents – It is equipped with two cup holders and handy place where you can keep your stuff like phone or keys and have quick access to them.
BOB Dual Snack Tray BOB Dual Snack Tray – It gives your children a place to keep their sippy cups, juices and snacks.
BOB Weather Shield BOB Weather Shield – Thanks to this cover your babies will stay dry and warm if the rain or strong wind surprise you during your jogging session. Great thing is that it doesn’t block children view.
BOB Sun Shield BOB Sun Shield – It protects baby from harmful UVA/UVB rays, wind and insects. If you live in a hot climate, this cover will be very useful.
Bob Stroller Strides Fitness Kit Bob Stroller Strides Fitness Kit – Accessory for active parents who want to get back into shape or get a body workout while pushing babies in a stroller. It may be very useful for moms who want to get back into shape after pregnancy. This kit comes with a parent console and some equipment for exercises.

What is BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie Price?

BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie is not the cheapest stroller for jogging, but in this case larger price tag does buy you better quality product. This stroller is made of durable materials and will serve you for a long time, until your children will be to big for it!

If you want to go for a run or hike with your babies you won’t find better stroller than BOB models. They give the best quality for a reasonable price.

I would recommend you purchasing this stroller from a seller approved by BOB (like Amazon) because it ensures you will get the original product with warranty. If you want to check the price and available discounts for BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie on Amazon click here.

What other parents say about BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie?

This stroller is one of the best selling double joggers. I checked it on Amazon and it has hundreds of positive reviews! What features parents praise the most and what they complain about?


According to other customers this stroller is really well balanced, so you can run with it with two kids of different age and weight. It provides smooth ride which many parents consider as the most important feature. Another advantage is one-hand pushing and steering. It turns on a dime. Customers also say that running with FLEX Duallie is a breeze as you don’t feel any weight. Some parents use this stroller even for shopping! They also love how big storage space it has. Few moms mention this stroller helped them to succeed at weight loss. Parents also praise its high-quality and durability.


The main downsize, according to other parents, is the size and weight. This “beast” takes up a lot of space in the car trunk (some parents recommend taking off the wheels which is not that hard). Taking it in and out is pretty annoying. However, even those parents who complain it’s bulky, agree this stroller is totally worth it.


Another disadvantage is lack of accessories which means you have to spend extra money for example on parent console. Few parents mention that the sunshades are a bit flimsy and not always stay in place when fully extended. However, other parents didn’t complain about the canopies at all.

Do you want to read more reviews written by parents who use this stroller?
Click here and skip to customer reviews on Amazon

Why you should get BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie?

BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie is definitely a great stroller for active parents, who would like to keep up their outdoor lifestyle with their little children. This stroller is heavy duty, very functional and nicely designed!

Keep in mind

BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller is heavy and big – it is a double jogger that can hold up to 100 lbs and handles most challenging terrain! It’s not design for trips to the mall, but for off-road cruises.

If live in an urban area, have to carry the stroller up the stairs and your strolls are limited mostly to sidewalks, grocery shops or the mall, you should look for something less bulky.

Why You Will Love BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie?

1. When it comes to your baby’s safety and comfort you want to choose THE BEST products and avoid spine disorders and other healthy problems. You can do this thanks to BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie cozy seats and amazing suspension that cushions the ride.

2. This stroller is perfect for parents who live in rural area or parents who want to keep up their active lifestyle with their babies. It works best for outdoor activity, because it glides smoothly over any type of terrain.

3. FLEX Duallie gives you excellent opportunity to lose weight after pregnancy or just get back into shape without sacrificing spending time with children.

Are you thinking about buying this double jogger? Remember to read customers reviews to see if this stroller meets your needs and check available discounts on Amazon.

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